Tremor won the three mile harbor press first book prze for 2018.

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'"Spiral" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Narrative Northeast

Poems chosen by as part of 2017 Latinx Reading List

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Marisol Baca, the dream painter, the undulating desert and shaking ocean caller whose poems here take you under where death delights in New Mexico ovens, “green tongues,” “the whole town crying,” and most of all, the “tentacular lust” of things that no one sees. These poems unwind and disrupt our perceptions of the real and operate in the material of mist, fog, “shingles and rats,” the “teal inkiness” in this “bowl of space” we inhabit. I am caught in her Chagall palette, in her Remedios Varo floating realms, in her fearlessness of decomposition, reconnection — and most of all these investigations into nothingness, the “inner lining,” the movement of upside-down membranes and “stray universes.” We must notice this in our tiny life before it explodes with “one hundred thousand / sterile sisters” crawling up our legs. A serrated soul-piercing Geiger Counter. Shattering. Prize. Absolutely love this collection.

  • Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States 2015-2017



"Canto I" and "The Flooding in El Llano" Issue 1 SPF LIT MAG Casa Libre

"The Ditch," "Patterns," "Canto I," and "Eating Heart" from {*isacoustic}

"Spiral", "The Flooding", "Valella Valella" from the Eco issue of Narrative Northeast

"Sweltering" and "Fences" from the anthology, Shadowed: Unheard Voices

"Sarcophogi in Glass Houses" and "Apple Orchard" from The Acentos Review

“The Horno” and “Letter for Andres,” Pakatellas: An anthology Tribute to Andres Montoya, In the Grove.

“Interview with Cynthia Hogue,” 42Opus.

“Iguana Woman,” Ixhua Literary Review.

“Songs of the Women of Blue Hair,” and “Eleven O’Clock,” Flies, Cockroaches and Poets.


Video, Radio & podcast

"Horno" and "The Discovery" read by the author and courtesy of Words on a Wire

"The Kitchen Table, Albuquerque N.M." read by the author and courtesy of Words on a Wire

Poems read at Second Tuesday Poetry in Modesto, CA